Savor the Flavor for Better Health


As Americans, we tend to be a nation of gobblers when it comes to eating.  In other cultures, meals and conversation can run on into the evening, with family members enjoying conversation and sharing the news of the day.  On average, our meals last a whopping 11 minutes—and that's for dinner.  Breakfast and lunch clock in at under 5 minutes for some people. The good news is, to realize an abundance of health benefits all we need to do is slooooooow dooooooown.  And here are few good reasons why:

  • You will actually have a chance to taste and enjoy the flavors of your food.  You could actually begin to look forward to a variety of flavors, smells and textures your poor taste buds have probably forgotten about.
  • You'll find it easier to lose weight.  By eating more slowly and chewing your food thoroughly, you give your body a chance to begin the digestive process so it can signal you when it starts to get full—and well before you've consumed double helpings of everything.  Set aside 20 minutes to savor each bite and enjoy your meals; your body will thank you for it.
  • You'll probably start to eat healthier, better-for-you foods.  Once you begin to recognize and appreciate the melding of different flavors and textures in a well-prepared meal, you should be less inclined to consume the fat- and salt-laden fare from the local fast food joints.  Add new spices and try different ingredients in your meals.  Begin to enjoy the process of eating again.
  • Enjoying meals with family and friends at home or trying new restaurants together is a great way to socialize and broaden your food horizons.  Talking, laughing and enjoying good company over a leisurely meal not only benefits your body; socializing with others also reduces stress and contributes to your emotional well-being.

Whether you're eating with a group or on your own, take time and live in the moment.  The emails, the phone calls and to-do lists can take a back seat for 20 minutes, while you nourish body and soul.

“Speaking of Healthcare” is the official blog of Assured Healthcare Staffing. Please LIKE us on Facebook to receive health and wellness tips and more! Article by Kim Washetas, contributing writer and enthusiastic whole health advocate.