Our Story - Full Circle

Owner Christine Hammerlund • Then and Now

Owner Christine Hammerlund • Then and Now

In 2006, a number of my friends and colleagues asked me

...why I was establishing Assured Healthcare Staffing.  They wondered why, at a time when many business professionals make plans with an eye toward retirement, I was choosing to start a new venture.  It was a question I might often have asked myself, especially in the early days of the business ─ except for the fact that I knew that this was what I was meant to do.

As with most true stories, the heart of it is about the teachers in our lives, the lessons we learn and how we share what we learn with others.

For me, nursing was a way to fulfill the time-honored goal of being a “good person.”  Good people care, and what better way to express that caring than by helping other people in time of need.  We’re all human and we will all encounter illness or suffering in the course of our lives.  To become a nurse meant acquiring the knowledge and skills to help patients heal and to ease that suffering.  In nursing school we were taught that sensitivity to patient needs is a priority and that a good nurse must listen to many voices, each vying for attention and validation. I learned that medicine may be a science, but healing is an art.

You can become accustomed to the professional detachment of nursing.  I spent most of my adult life in that role.  Finding just the right balance between intellect, knowledge and emotion is essential, and one of the toughest hidden “jobs” of health care. I thought I had mastered that balance until recently, when I confronted the reality of my own mother’s physical and emotional health.  When it’s Mom, everything changes.  Even a nurse cannot shield herself from deep fears and concerns. Even a good nurse can be fooled by signs she does not see.  Meet Virginia


Meet Virginia ,  one of our patients and mother of Assured Healthcare Staffing owner Chris Hammerlund.

Meet Virginia, one of our patients and mother of Assured Healthcare Staffing owner Chris Hammerlund.