6 Ways Parents Can Help Young Children Avoid Body Image Problems

“I’m so fat.” “I’m ugly.” Words like these may be upsetting to hear when they come from a 10-year-old or a teenager, but it can be really disturbing when they’re spoken by kids as young as preschool or kindergarten age. Various research has shown that kids may begin to worry about body weight and physical appearance as early as age 3 to 5 and that many young children express unhappiness about their bodies.

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Metabolism Boosting Diet Tips

Metabolism is the chemical process by which our bodies extract energy by food. In a large amount of people, metabolism is slower than usual can be due to a number of factors including lack of activity, sleep, poor diet, aging and stress. While we can't avoid aging, we can control the rest. Tips on metabolism-boost foods:

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Has Your Thyroid Been Hibernating?

If you experience achy joints and low energy, your thyroid may be the cause. It could also be the reason for a racing heart rate and vision problems.

Located in the front of the neck, the thyroid gland can influence your heart rate, body temperature and metabolism.

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