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Christopher Gray’s Scholly App Is Bringing Millions of Dollars to College Students in Need
The entrepreneur’s new digital platform has helped applicants land $50 million in scholarships

As an 8-year-old in Birmingham, Alabama, Christopher Gray was an avid fan of Batman, the comic-book champion born without special powers who invented his own superhero-training regimen. “He had a moment where everything fell apart,” Gray says. “He lost his family, lost everything. He had to overcome that, overcome those fears, by using everyday things around him.”

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Curb Food Cravings

Make the most of each mouthful by keeping these five tips in mind.

Listen to your body and respond appropriately to hunger pangs by waiting a bit before you eat, according to Harvard T.H. School of Public Health. The “pause” button provides you one way to outsmart your cravings, as do these suggestions:

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Frostbite Prevention

Children are at greater risk for frostbite than adults are. Because of their greater surface area children lose heat from their skin more rapidly than adults do. Parents can help prevent frostbite by dressing their child(ren) in layers and covering all body parts from exposure to the cold by wearing hats, scarves, and mittens.

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Going Somewhere? Don’t Let Asthma, Allergies Spoil Your Trip

Car travel provides greater control over your environment than other types of transportation. It also gives you freedom to modify your itinerary based on weather conditions and your health. Follow these tips for safe travel.

Prior to your trip, schedule a checkup with your primary care physician or board-certified allergist and discuss your travel plans. Review your Asthma or Anaphylaxis Action Plan, talk about the allergens, irritants or activities that tend to set off your symptoms and what steps you can take while traveling to stay healthy.

Source: The Allergy Asthma Network

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Don't get tricked by cyber scams

The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not. Make sure you know who's knocking at your digital door with these tips for protecting your personal information.

Think before you click!

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November is National Family Caregivers Month

Tips and Resources for New Caregivers

Are you a caregiver to a loved one?

If you are, you are one of over 65 million caregivers that care for an adult child, parent or older family member.* Caregiving can be a tough job. It can be rewarding, too.

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