Ergonomic Exercises Help Ease Workday Strain

Sitting at a desk much of the day, working on a computer, can place demands on the muscles of your body that cause pain and discomfort.  By observing a few simple exercises, you can minimize those issues and improve the quality of your workday.

  • As with any type of close work, using a monitor can place some serious demands on your eyes.  Avoid the potential of eye strain or headaches by taking frequent 1-2 minute breaks from staring at your computer screen.  Allow your eyes to recover and help the process by deliberately yawning and blinking.  This helps lubricate and alleviate dry eyes.
  • Take a few moments to change the focus of your eyes, by looking at a distant object, then something close up.  Direct your gaze across the room or out the window for a few seconds, then bring your attention to closer objects.  Stretch out your arm and concentrate on your fingertips, then switch to a farther object again, repeating as needed.
  • Now for the hands and fingers.  Pause briefly to stretch and wiggle your fingers, then massage them for a few moments.  Rotate your hands and wrists to keep them relaxed and limber.
  • Ease neck and shoulder strain by raising and lowering your shoulders in a shrugging motion a few times, moving slowly and allowing the muscles to relax as your shoulders drop back into place.
  • Sit up straight and lace your fingers behind your head, stretch your elbows gently back as you take a deep breath, then slowly exhale.
  • Throughout the day, try to be conscious of your breathing and your posture, keeping your back as straight as possible and pausing to breathe deeply and exhale slowly.  This not only benefits your muscles, but helps to carry oxygen where your body needs it most.

If you're the type of person who gets so immersed in your work that long stretches of time pass before you realize it, try setting your watch or electronic calendar to provide you with periodic "pause to refresh" reminders throughout the day.  Soon you'll have another good habit established, and healthy pauses will come naturally.

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