Farmers Market Season: The Foods Your Body Craves!

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Hooray!  Farmers market season is in full swing around the country, and it's the perfect time to heal and energize your body by indulging in the healthy, nutritious foods that it craves.  Forget about old New Year's resolutions, crazy diets, guilt and deprivation, they just don't work. Take advantage of the summer season to embark on a healthier lifestyle by making delicious meals from the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables overflowing in the market stalls. It's not a hardship to acquire healthy habits when you begin adding new foods to your everyday diet — fresh, vibrantly colored foods that not only taste good but have the nutrients and vitamins that will help to recharge you, body and spirit:  tomatoes, zucchini, kale, carrots, apples, beans, plums, potatoes, cucumbers, melons, spinach, eggplant, radishes, fresh greens of all types, and more.  Buy organic or pesticide free if you can, or use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen shopping lists to help you make smart, affordable choices.

Here are some links for information on farmers markets in several areas, or just search Google for those in your own region:

Do you enjoy salads and snacking on crisp, raw veggies?  Here's a tasty and easy-to-make homemade ranch dressing - no MSG, chemicals or preservatives, and kids love it, too!

Wondering what you'll do when the cold days of winter return?  No worries, Eating Well has provided a guide to freezing fresh produce so you can savor the flavor all year long!

Now grab your eco-friendly shopping bag and your old straw hat and head out to the nearest farmers market!  Bon Appetit!

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