Curb Food Cravings

Make the most of each mouthful by keeping these five tips in mind.

Source: Vista Health System

Source: Vista Health System

Listen to your body and respond appropriately to hunger pangs by waiting a bit before you eat, according to Harvard T.H. School of Public Health. The “pause” button provides you one way to outsmart your cravings, as do these suggestions:

1. Drink water

You may mistake thirst for hunger. To avoid this, bring a water bottle with you and hydrate often.

2. Chew gum

Keep your mouth busy chewing sugarless gum until it’s time for a healthy snack.

3. Eat often

Set reminders to stop and eat small meals every three hours. Easy to grab-and-go options include carrots with hummus, frozen grapes, cottage cheese and cantaloupe, or pistachios.

4. Consume dietary fiber

Raw or cooked vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes keep you feeling full and satisfied. These foods also contribute to healthy weight management. When you shop for groceries, fill your buggy with these items instead of processed foods, such as potato chips, high-salt snack mixes and sugary treats.

5. Pick protein

Combine beans and pulled poultry with your salad greens. Eat a slice of whole-grain bread topped with nut butter as a filling side. Drink low-fat milk with your meal. These small tweaks give you enough energy to make smart decisions and stay active throughout the day.