Aging in place – the top 5 benefits of seniors staying in their homes

Source: NSPA Blog | by Anna Dolezal, under Long Term Care

Life can be tough, and growing old is no exception. As we age, lots of seniors prefer to stay right where they are — in their homes. Certainly the aging process is complex, and there’s no one size fits all option when it comes to what’s best. Still if you ask us, as long as a senior is competent to care for themselves or living with a competent spouse they should have full control over their living situation. And for many, that means staying in their home. Because of advances in medicine, technology, and professional caregivers, this may be a safer option than ever before. Here are our top 5 benefits of again in place.

5. Saving Money

Long term care is not cheap, and prices seem to only be going up. Staying at home is one of the most affordable care options for many, even with the cost of professional caregivers. (We should note, however, that depending on the type and frequency of caregiving time staying at home can still be expensive)

4. Independence

A sense of independence can go a long way. As we age, we begin to need help doing things that we may not have needed help with in a long time. Normal, everyday tasks become more difficult and seniors face a time when they may begin to feel like a burden on family members. If they’re able, though, remaining at home can be a key source of independence, which in turn, can be a great for self-esteem. Even if seniors do start losing some of their ability to do everyday tasks, professional caregivers can be a wonderful resource that also allows seniors to stay at home.

3. Feelings of Familiarity

We all know that memory may start to decline as we age. Remaining in the home, where families have built their lives, comes with a sense of familiarity that can mean the world to seniors. Nursing homes and care facilities are unknown, and can feel incredibly isolating to many.

2. Keeping up with Connections

Another benefit of staying at home is in the value of community that many people have naturally built over the years. Professional caregivers may be essential, but the benefits of having a neighborhood friends, who know and care about you, is hard to overstate. Additionally, lots of families remain close in proximity to the homes of their loved ones. This can be comforting to both seniors and family members, which leads us to our number one reason for aging at home…

1. Comfort

Aside from all the other reasons we’ve listed, in terms of preferences, the vast majority of seniors like staying in their homes. The AARP puts that number over 90%. This is a no brainer. Nothing beats coming back to the comfort of your home after being away. Aging in place is shown to yield wonderful health benefits for seniors.

Source: NSPA Blog | by Anna Dolezal, under Long Term Care