Asthma at School: Go or Not?

Has this happened at your house? “Mom? Dad? I don’t feel good. I want to stay home from school." And your reaction is, “What, AGAIN?”

It’s hard to know when children should go to school and when they should stay home – and a chronic health condition like asthma can make that decision even harder.

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Going Somewhere? Don’t Let Asthma, Allergies Spoil Your Trip

Car travel provides greater control over your environment than other types of transportation. It also gives you freedom to modify your itinerary based on weather conditions and your health. Follow these tips for safe travel.

Prior to your trip, schedule a checkup with your primary care physician or board-certified allergist and discuss your travel plans. Review your Asthma or Anaphylaxis Action Plan, talk about the allergens, irritants or activities that tend to set off your symptoms and what steps you can take while traveling to stay healthy.

Source: The Allergy Asthma Network

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