Daisy A., CNA • February Employee of the Month

We are very excited to announce our employee of the month for Feb. 2016.

Daisy started taking PRN shifts with us last May.  Daisy is extremely responsible and dependable.  She has been known to go from answering the phone while in the shower to being at a client’s residence in less than 20 minutes when we’ve needed her on a Saturday!  She picks up last minute emergencies, takes days, nights and weekend calls and rarely calls off.  She always answers our calls and responds time and again.  When unclear about an assignment, she shows up and asks questions later.  We have been able to place Daisy in a wide variety of roles with great success.  She is such a pleasure to work with and we love that she represents our company! - Nancy Campbell
Daisy is a delightful person and a wonderful caregiver. She is very resourceful and not afraid to take on new task! - Mr. G
Daisy is an amazing caregiver. She is always on time and ready to work. I love her being around because we always have the best conversations and love watching some shows together. No matter what it is she is always there to help me. I have been through some rough times lately, but she always seems to make me feel better and like my voice is actually being heard. If someone is looking for a new caregiver Daisy would be a great choice for them. - Shannon