November Employees to Celebrate


Congratulations to Heather A., CNA, our November Employee of the Month!

Heather is a great and reliable CNA!

She is always there for last minute coverage and has been extremely reliable in coverage with our private duty clients. Even with her busy schedule, she still does her best to cover facility shifts. She is a pleasure to work with!

November Birthdays

Phoebe L. • November 1st
Chona V. • November 3rd
Ruthie R. • November 7th
Michelle D. • November 7th
Jazmine S. • November 14th
Celeste C. • November 25th
Shakira B. • November 29th

November Anniversaries

Kristina D. • 11/3/16
LaToya S. W. • 11/4/16
Merissa S. • 11/4/13
Linda C. • 11/16/16
Denise S. • 11/16/12
Juliana T. • 11/20/13
Guadalupe L. • 11/30/11