June Employees to Celebrate


Congratulations to Ellen G., RN, our June Employee of the Month!

Ellen has been with Assured Healthcare since April of 2014. She always leaves a great impression on her assignments. Our clients that call with a sub nurse need request her. She has a great deal of experience and is always so flexible. She has helped us numerous times. Thank you Ellen, we really appreciate you!

June Birthdays
Kristina D. • June 3rd
Kourtney W. • June 7th
Suzanne R. • June 11th
Barbara B. • June 12th
Lynn J. • June13th
Juliana T. • June 15th
Steven W. • June 16th
Rachael R. • June 21st
Edee G. • June 22nd
Selena G. • June 25th
Paula J. • June 25th
Lakisha W. • June 27th
Valerie H. • June 28th
Gail S. • June 28th

June Anniversaries
Judith D. • 6/4/2015
Michelle W. • 6/5/2015
Laurie A. • 6/6/2016
Ruth B. • 6/6/2016
Ruthie R. • 6/14/2014
May S. • 6/15/2015
Maranda J. • 6/16/2014
Nakeisha C. • 6/19/2014
Kimberly S.h • 6/22/2015
Joanna W. • 6/25/2016
Bamlist D. • 6/28/2007