July 2016 Employees to Celebrate

Congratulations to our employee of the month, Clarice J., LPN.

Clarice came to us not quite a year ago.  Since her arrival she has filled some unique niche positions within our company. She has taken on a regular private duty assignment and has been very successful in the position garnering the respect and appreciation of a very long term and beloved client.

Clarice also will respond to school shifts as well often filling in after her private duty shift ends to cover schools when our other nurses are unavailable. She has offered to go along on field trips, elementary schools, high schools, busy schools and non-busy schools.  

She steadily does her job with caring and compassion. We are so thankful she came to us. Even though she has only been with us a short time, we hope to have her at Assured for a very long time. Thank you Clarice!!!

One of Clarice's clients had this to say about Clarice:
Punctual, always on target, immaculate, a reflection of her profession, work ethic above and beyond the routine.  A phrase she always says:  “Is there any more I can do for you.”

July Anniversaries
Celeste C. • 7/29/08 • 8 years
Wendy F. M. • 7/22/09 • 7 years
Charice T. • 7/1/11 • 5 years
Steven W. • 7/7/12 • 4 years
Alexander L. • 7/18/12 • 4 years
Wanda B. • 7/24/12 • 4 years
Tanisha G. • 7/22/13 • 3 years
Antoinette J. • 7/31/13 • 3 years
Heidi M. • 7/21/15 • 1 year
Jody S. • 7/23/15 • 1 year
Colleen B. • 7/27/15 • 1 year

July Birthdays
Maria Z • July 1
Walter F. B. • July 2
Desiree S. • July 5
Kimberly • July 8
Roxane G. • July 10
Priscilla L. • July 10
Nakeisha C. • July 12
Colleen M. • July 14
Manisha P. • July 16
Nathalie M. • July 18
Carin K. • July 20
Zachary M. • July 22
Aman F. • July 26
Gabriela H. • July 28
Jane P. • July 30

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