December 2016 Employees to Celebrate

Congratulations to our December employee of the month Heidi M., CNA

Heidi has been with us at Assured Healthcare since April of 2015 and has taken on some pretty big ‘live-in’ private duty patients.

She has been especially awesome with her connecting skills for a very challenging dementia patient.  Heidi is kind and creative and has the heart that we admire here at Assured Healthcare Staffing.

We appreciate all the work Heidi has done, and, are very proud to have her as our employee of the month for December 2016.

December Birthdays
Patricia M. • Dec 6th
Stacie M. • Dec 11th
Yaritza S. • Dec 12th
Latarsha M. • Dec 12th
Tammy B. • Dec 18th
Charice T. • Dec 20th
Lyleth B. • Dec 24th
Veronica C. • Dec 27th
Dawn W. • Dec 27th
Judith D. • Dec 31st
Denise S. • Dec 31st

December Anniversaries
Phoebe L. • 12/12/2012
Jennifer H. • 12/21/2012
Sandra S. • 12/26/2015
Rose V. • 12/14/2015
Shirley H. • 12/29/2015