August Employees to Celebrate


Congratulations to Sarai S., CNA, our August Employee of the Month!

"Sarai's rapport with all of the patients she was assigned to, was nothing less than grand! She was able to work effortlessly around my disorganization within a time of transition, while still going above and beyond for the Hospice patients whom so needed her warmth. It comes as no surprise to me that Sarai would be employee of the month, as her personality, work ethic and adaptability are qualities that we as a company and as being apart of the care community value in Sarai and clinicians like her."

August Birthdays
Carolyn T. • August 2nd
Damien M. • August 7th
Piroska S. • August 11th
Tracey O. • August 14th
Klaudia C. • August 15th
Michelle W. • August 18th
Jennifer B. • August 18th
Manfred M. • August 26th
Antoinette J. • August 27th
Tina H. • August 30th

August Anniversaries
Cindy L. •  8/22/16
Damien M. • 8/25/14
Piroska S. •  8/27/16
Manfred M. • 8/3/09
Jose A. • 8/20/16
Chantal N. • 8/27/16