August 2016 Employees to Celebrate

Congratulations to our employee of the month, Cyndi H., RN, MSN! 

Cyndi has jumped in head first and has become one of our best school nurses, along with covering private duty clients and hospice assignments.
She has helped us out in the office many times by filling in last minute shifts for us and stops by to say hi when she is in the area.
Whenever the availability request goes out, she responds quickly so that she may receive information on open job opportunities.
She takes the time to call back even when she cannot accept an assignment.
Cyndi is such great addition to our nursing team here at Assured Healthcare!

August Anniversaries
Manfred M • 8/3/09 • 7 years
Damien M • 8/25/14    • 2 years
Kimberly M • 8/27/07 • 9 years

August Birthdays
Tijuana H• August 4
Nancy L • August 4
Damien M • August 7
Tracey O •    August 14
Michelle W • August 18
Manfred M • August 26
Antoinette J • August 27