April Employees to Celebrate


Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month, Sherrie W., CNA

Sherrie W. will celebrate her 3rd Anniversary with Assured Healthcare on April 18th.  She is a highly skilled CNA with a great deal of experience and compassion for what she does. Sherrie has been a life saver for us lately filling in shifts that we could not cover for our clients. Thank you for all that you do Sherrie!

April Birthdays
Brenda W. • April 2
Shakeeda G. • April 4
Jasmin S.. • April 8
Ellen G. K. • April 11
Annette M..• April 17
Linda K. • April 21
Christine M. • April 26
Guadalupe L. • April 26
Christina L. • April 27
Heidi M. • April 28

April Anniversaries
Ellen G.K. • 4/8/2014
Jocelyne M. • 4/14/2014
James S. • 4/17/2016
Sherrie W. • 4/18/2014
Lorraine H.W. • 4/22/2011