Awesome Nutrition Facts - The Wild And Crazy Amla!

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is the newest crazy cool superfood. It's made it's way into the American hearts in the past year with the list of awesome benefits described below. If you can find it, you should eat it! 

Slows Down Aging - Chock-filled with antioxidants to the max!
Cures a Sore Throat - Chop up with ginger and honey, then eat and feel better!
Fights Against Heart Disease - By reducing build-up of bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol
Increases Diuretic Activity - And detoxifies the body
Increases Metabolic Activity - Increases the absorption of protein and boosts metabolism
Reduces Blood Sugar - Rich in polyphenol which acts positively on blood sugar
High In Digestive Fiber - Better bowel movement for all!
Boosts Immunity - Rich in both tannins and polyphenols, both of which make great free radical scavengers
Prevents The Formation Of Gallbladder Stones - By reducing excess cholesterol, it can prevent gallstone build up
Prevents Ulcers - Because of it's great antibacterial properties, it fights off ulcers
Is Anti-Inflammatory - Need I say more?
Improves Eyesight - Quick! Give it to Grandma!
Purifies Blood - It's richness in antioxidants is approved by four out of five vampires
Strengthens Bones - It is high in calcium AND lowers osteoclasts (which destroy bone)
Cools the Body - It has three times the vitamin C as oranges. Vitamin C improves tannin levels in the body which shield from heat and light. Chill, baby, chill.
Prevents Constipation - Very high fiber content!
Prevents Jaundice - Its high antibacterial properties fights infections like jaundice and scurvy
Reduces Risk of Cancer - Did I say rich in antioxidants?
Protects The Liver - Wards off ill effects of alcohol
Makes The Skin Glow - So packed with vitamin C and that helps the skin. Use it as a face mask for 30 minutes a day and see that glow
Helps Increase Hair Growth and Reduces Gray - Search for Amla Oil and Moisturize your hair.

Amla - Does the body good!