Important 911 Safety Guidelines


The Gurnee Police Department published 911 guidelines to raise awareness about the information that should be given during in-progress emergencies. 

Depending on the situation, 911 dispatchers will ask a series of questions designed to verify information about the call to Police.  The list below helps callers understand 911 protocols.

The information sought may help prevent or solve a crime.  Keep this information posted where it can be referenced so that callers are aware of the type of information that they may be asked to provide.


Together we can work toward making our community as safe and crime free as possible. QUESTION EXAMPLES:


What's the address of the incident?


At what number can we reach you?


What is happening?
Is anyone injured?
Is there yelling or physical fighting?
Can you see weapons? What kind?
How many people are involved?


Gender, race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing description?


Make, model, color, license plate information, unique identifying features?

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