Remembering Cherry Ames

There was no one quite like Cherry Ames - at least not to those of us who, as adolescents and teenagers, dreamed of being nurses during the era from 1943 into the 1970s.  The lively pink-cheeked, dark haired young nurse was the star of the Cherry Ames series of books authored by the prolific Helen Wells.    Her sleuthing healthcare heroine traveled from hometown America to exotic locales including jungles, army bases, and anywhere else her enthusiastic bedside manner and crisp white cap were needed.  Though I don't recall the details of every one of the series' many volumes, I am relatively certain that the patients all lived, the mysteries were all unraveled, and that Cherry always returned home unscathed by tropical illnesses, war wounds or salacious surgeons.  That girl knew how to get the job done right, and move straight on to the next highly-specialized nursing assignment - and there were plenty of them!

As an assessment of my own professional skills, I decided to look back over my nursing career and see just how many nursing specialities Cherry and I had in common.  After all, we're both Illinois natives who kind of grew up around the same time!  The results were interesting - and maybe even motivational:

Nurses I HAVE been:

  • Student Nurse

  • Visiting Nurse

  • Veterans' Nurse

  • Senior Nurse

  • Private Duty Nurse

Nurses I HAVE NOT been:

  • Army Nurse
  • Chief Nurse
  • Flight Nurse (though I desperately wanted to enlist as a nurse in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era - but my father, a combat veteran, put his foot down on that notion)
  • Cruise Nurse
  • Boarding School Nurse
  • Department Store Nurse

More nurses I HAVE NOT been - yet!

  • Island Nurse
  • Camp Nurse
  • Jungle Nurse
  • Dude Ranch Nurse

Want to learn even more fascinating insights about Cherry?  What was it like growing up in Hilton, Illinois?  Where is Hilton, Illinois?  How did Cherry get her name?  What are the clues to Cherry's hidden past?  Learn the answers to these and many other burning questions by visiting the wonderful Cherry Ames Page !  Enjoy a nostalgic trip back to the days when nurses wore white (mostly) and no one had ever heard of out-patient surgery or HMOs.

Copyright © Christine Hammerlund – 2009.  Christine Hammerlund is a registered nurse and the owner of Assured Healthcare, a healthcare staffing service headquartered in Gurnee, Illinois.