Bicycle Safety

Important Safety Tips for Bicyclists

Always Ride with Traffic and Follow the Rules of the Road

Don't Ride on the Sidewalk

Be Predictable and Visible

Watch for Turning Traffic

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Safe Needle Disposal

Need to dispose of needles in a home care setting? Here is important information what to do with used sharps in Illinois.

Put used sharps in a strong, plastic container.

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Holiday Hazards

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 12,500 people are treated in emergency rooms for holiday related injuries each year. A few precautions can help you make it through the season safe and sound.

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Keep hackers away from your $$

Think of all the places your financial information is stored online—credit card numbers on shopping sites and apps, bank information used for online bill pay, cards stored in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Is your list racking up quickly?

These days, many of us never actually see our physical money. We swipe, scan, and autopay. And while convenient, it comes with risks. Hackers are always lurking.

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I thought my bully deserved an awful life. But then he had one.

As a child, I was an easy mark for playground torments: smart, insufferably rule-abiding, decidedly unpretty. The tormenter I remember most distinctly was not my first bully, nor my last, but his attacks would turn the others into footnotes.

He was in my class for years; his mom was my softball coach, driving me to and from practice when my single mother could not.

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Convenience vs. privacy: the Facebook situation

Here are 4 tips to protect your data from being shared on Facebook.

Everyone’s favorite social media site is currently the subject of hot debate, and we’re here to keep you grounded amidst the madness. First, let’s talk about what happened. Back in 2014, a quiz made the rounds on Facebook. 270,000 users took the quiz, which harvested data not just about them, but also their friends. As a result, the quiz aggregated the private info of 50 million Facebook users. All that data was then allegedly sold to the Trump presidential campaign.

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A Rough Day at Work

Work-related injuries and deaths may be more common than you think—particularly among men.
For many office workers, a bad day at work may involve unnecessary meetings, a flood of emails and hectic deadlines. However, for others—particularly those who work in some of the more dangerous industries such as construction, agriculture or manufacturing—a bad day on the job might include a workplace accident that can be debilitating or even fatal.

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Frostbite Prevention

Children are at greater risk for frostbite than adults are. Because of their greater surface area children lose heat from their skin more rapidly than adults do. Parents can help prevent frostbite by dressing their child(ren) in layers and covering all body parts from exposure to the cold by wearing hats, scarves, and mittens.

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Don't get tricked by cyber scams

The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not. Make sure you know who's knocking at your digital door with these tips for protecting your personal information.

Think before you click!

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