Farmers Market Season: The Foods Your Body Craves!

Hooray!  Farmers market season is in full swing around the country, and it's the perfect time to heal and energize your body by indulging in the healthy, nutritious foods that it craves.  Forget about old New Year's resolutions, crazy diets, guilt and deprivation, they just don't work. Take advantage of the summer season to embark on a healthier lifestyle by making delicious meals from the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables overflowing in the market stalls. It's not a hardship to acquire healthy habits when you begin adding new foods to your everyday diet — fresh, vibrantly colored foods that not only taste good but have the nutrients and vitamins that will help to recharge you, body and spirit: 

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Avoid the Hazards of Dehydration

It's been a long, hot day.  First a morning of yard work, then three hours helping coach the kids' baseball and soccer games, followed by the weekly shopping.  Now you're finally heading home with a week's worth of groceries to unload and put away.  You're tired and thirsty, cranky with your family, and wincing at the throbbing in your temples. You could also be experiencing the first symptoms of dehydration, which is far more common than most people realize.

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Behold the Lowly Dandelion

Spring has finally sprung, and brings with it the stirring of growing things all around us.  One of my favorite memories from childhood was seeing the big field across the street from our house transform from muddy, snow blotched thatch to lush green grass, suitable for barefoot games of tag and running bases with my friends.

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Every little bit counts! Recyling facts that may surprise you.


"Going green" by recycling efficiently is something everyone can do to preserve and protect our environment and natural resources.  To drive this fact home, below are some interesting facts about America's consumption of recyclable materials. Statistics from the Clean Air Council include:

  • The average office worker uses about 500 disposable cups a year -- a good incentive to bring your own coffee mug to work!
  • In America we use approximately one billion shopping bags annually -- creating 300,000 tons of landfill waste.
  • During the 2009 annual International Coastal Cleanup, the Ocean Conservancy tallied shopping bags as the most common form of waste, comprising 10% of the waste items picked up.

The City of Mesa, Arizona, also supplies some fascinating stats:

  • Each year we manufacture enough plastic film to shrink wrap the entire state of Texas!
  • Recycling five plastic soda bottles can create enough fiberfill for one ski jacket.
  • Nearly 40% of the U.S. waste stream is comprised of paper.
  • By recycling just two gallons of used oil, enough electricity can be generated to run an average American household for nearly 24 hours.

Take the small steps needed to eliminate the use or  increase the recycling of the common items above.  By simply changing just a few of our daily habits, together we can make a discernible difference in protecting our environment.

Article by Kim Washetas, contributing writer and enthusiastic whole health advocate.