Your spring cleaning checklist

March 20th marked the official first day of spring. It's time to refresh your home—and your finances—with these helpful, achievable tips.

Freshen up your space
Ditch the clutter
Create a maintenance plan
Shred and digitize documents
Review your credit report
Check in on your spending
Revisit your budget

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Financial Aid App

Christopher Gray’s Scholly App Is Bringing Millions of Dollars to College Students in Need
The entrepreneur’s new digital platform has helped applicants land $50 million in scholarships

As an 8-year-old in Birmingham, Alabama, Christopher Gray was an avid fan of Batman, the comic-book champion born without special powers who invented his own superhero-training regimen. “He had a moment where everything fell apart,” Gray says. “He lost his family, lost everything. He had to overcome that, overcome those fears, by using everyday things around him.”

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