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Adding up the cost of caregiving

Serving as a caregiver means understanding the financial implications for you.

This year, approximately 34.2 million Americans will provide unpaid care to an adult 50 years old or older, according to a June 2015 report by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving.

Caregiving isn’t just emotional — it’s financial. If you are taking care of an aging parent, spouse, or close relative, you’ll likely make a number of wealth-related decisions.

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Post-holiday concerns about an aging loved one? Senior Care Reality Checklist can help.

Holidays bring families together to celebrate the season and enjoy sharing time together.  They also offer opportunities for us to spend lengthier periods of time with aging parents and loved ones — sometimes long enough to observe changes in habits or lifestyle that give rise to concerns about their health or well-being, especially when they live on their own. The changes can seem slight or innocuous:  a forgotten face, a mismatched outfit, a wrong turn on the way to the grocery store.  Or, they can be more alarming: 

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How to Manage Prescription Programs Skillfully

Prescription programs are necessary for anyone who's taking medication. While medicated products and treatments are certainly one of the best ways to stay healthy, improper use can certainly produce the opposite results. If you care about your loved one then you should take every precaution necessary and that includes managing his medication schedule with the appropriate discretion. Consult the patient's doctor.

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