Meet Virginia

Mom is a wonderful person. 

I‘ll tell you her age because she is proud that she’ll soon turn 95.  She is a proud woman, independent and smart – and I will have to care for her now, that much is certain.  Age has brought its own set of challenges to her life:  macular degeneration, hearing loss, unsteady gait and moderate dementia.

The changes that age can bring don’t happen in one day. It is often a slow, steady regression. I did not see that slide at first.  When Mom was still living alone in her home, she was able to hold it together during our phone calls, covering up her dementia and leading me to believe she was just forgetful.

As a daughter, I did not want to acknowledge that my mother’s health was in decline, that she was growing old and that we were on the threshold of many changes.  As a nurse, my training and experience told me otherwise.  It was time to adapt to the reality of major life adjustments for both of us. In early 2012, my husband and I began the transition, bringing Mom to our home for a visit, a prolonged visit that has now become permanent.

That transition brought with it a new awareness and understanding

of my profession and the nature of our business.  Assured Healthcare Staffing was established on a foundation of compassionate care, seeking out and managing the services of skilled and experienced home care nurses and caregivers.  Having provided those services over the years as a working nurse, a healthcare staffing director and a business owner, I now find myself on the receiving end – in need of skilled, quality care for a loved one, a member of my own family.  I have learned firsthand and appreciate even more fully the value and quality of our employees and the care they provide to our patients and customers. It is gratifying to know that they exceed my expectations not only as an employer but, more importantly, as a daughter and a customer.

So now we have come full circle.

My mother, my teacher, the first person who showed me by example why being a “good person” was so important, continues to teach me valuable lessons.  Each day brings new experiences for Mom, her caregivers and for our family.  Many of them are humorous, some poignant or sad, but all part of the tapestry of our lives together. 

I am proud of my mother, of what she’s achieved in her lifetime and the dignity and resilience with which she approaches each new day.  The challenges she deals with are similar to those of many of our patients and their families. I believe that sharing some of her stories with others will assist them in coping with the realities of aging and caring for their own loved ones.  And I know that Mom will be happy to know that others are being helped by her experiences.

Chris Hammerlund
Owner, Assured Healthcare Staffing

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