Assured Homecare Provides Compassionate Home Care for Patients of All Ages

Do you have questions about home care for aging parents or loved ones? Do you need eldercare or pediatric care in the home?  We have answers and we can help. Our knowledgeable, compassionate staff will provide you with information about resources and healthcare options to meet a broad range of specific care needs. Our staff also includes a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, another assurance that we are aware of and prepared to meet the unique challenges that affect our senior patients.

Home care and senior nursing care. Assured Homecare provides home care for:

  • seniors with age-related infirmities;

  • surgical recovery patients of any age;

  • help new mothers and infants;

  • children, teenagers and adults with physical challenges;

  • persons with chronic illness;

  • patients who need in-home rehabilitation;

  • those who need any care for any reason for as long as they need it.

Our healthcare employees include:

  • Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Physical Therapists

  • Phlebotomists (for blood draws)

  • Certified Nursing Assistants

Feel Safe and Secure. Every Assured Homecare employee:

  • Has had an in-depth personal interview

  • Has provided verifiable references

  • Passed a complete background check

  • Has been drug screened

We trace each employee's work history and seek only highly skilled professionals - qualified individuals you will feel comfortable having in your home. We Can Help. Call us now at 847-775-7445.

The Home Care You Need

Our nurse will visit to learn about the patient and patient needs.

  • We contact the patient’s doctor to assess treatment and medical requirements.

  • We develop a detailed medication list to be kept in the home for your review.

  • We work with you to create a detailed plan of the care to be provided by our employee in the home.

  • We keep a patient chart for notations, updates and documentation.

Our employees may also assist patients with personal care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, laundry, or other tasks that need to be done so they can concentrate on getting well.